Classic UNO™ fun for your Android!



If you're a fan of card games like the epic classic UNO!™, then look no further. This Android incarnation is as enchanting as its original format, but this time you'll have literally thousands of people to play with -- day and night.

This classic version of UNO!™ lets you play via several different game modes: 2v2, free-for-all, quick match, against friends and much more (including special game events). You'll find that each week there's tons of different challenges to put your skills to the test and size yourself up against other players. The more matches you win, the more points you'll get, and the higher your ranking is.

Classic games in UNO!™ are as per usual in this version. So if you're a regular player, there isn't really much to learn. Plus, now you can enjoy a quick match any time of day against other heavyweight players that'll up your skills in no time. Plus if you make it, you can show off your UNO!™ abilities to the rest of the world via its international scoreboard.

If you're the kind of UNO!™ player who enjoys facing new challenges, and in search of a way to play with a new twist, check out the endless adventure awaiting you in UNO!™.